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Friday, April 03, 2009

Shooting In Binghamton,US,41 hostage,13 killed

Binghamton Police have surrounded 131 Front Street, the American Civic Association. Action News crews on the scene say they saw people being carried out of the building. Scanner reports say there are 41 people inside the building, with as many as 12 people shot dead.
Scanner reports say a man of asian origin went into the building and started shooting.When the shooting started, people inside escaped to the basement in search of safety. More than a dozen people are hiding in a closet, for more than an hour now. Emergency dispatchers are in contact with some people inside by phone. Police have sent some people to Wilson and Lourdes Hospital, and have requested ambulances to the scene.
Police have shut down Court Street heading west at Water Street. They have also closed Main Street at Murray Street. Binghamton High School has locked down the school, and will not allow students out for lunch.
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